Our shopping cart allows integration and automation of PayPal payments on your web site. Applications are numerous. Shopping cart software can be easily customized to serve any purpose, associated with PayPal payment.

Software Updates

Version: 3.5.14 (All Shopping Cart Software Updates)

Update date: April 22, 2017

New Features

1) Major software overhaul.
2) Updated and enhanced shopping cart tools.
3) Enhanced security.
4) New affiliate version is available!

Shopping Cart Features

Basic features

1. PayPal payment gateway
2. Supported PayPal Instant Payment Notification
3. Order status update funtionality
4. Integrated calculation of USPS and UPS shipping rates
5. Custom shipping and handlig rates
6. Inventory management and out-of-stock notification
7. Search engines friendly catalog (HTML-based catalog)
8. Multiple users access levels
9. Multiple currencies
10. Secure digital files delivery


Inject DLL Files for All Purposes

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Simplicity and reliability

Our shopping cart is a smoothly working PERL software. Simple CGI option is all our shopping cart needs for running. Shopping cart hosting is available upon request. Lifetime support and upgrade for all customers.

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Shopping Cart In Action

Central Satellite – Sells various electronic, digital and satellite parts. Website uses custom order page.

TV 4 RV – Good example of ShoppingCart.ORG shopping cart with simple and clean HTML templates. Website sells a line of portable satellite dish tripods specifically for RV owners.

Wired Shirts – Well designed customized version of the shopping cart. Website sells graphic T-shirts.

LED Automotive – Customised version of the shopping cart. Uses UPS and USPS shipping plugin.

Baer Care – Customized version of the shopping cart. Website sells “Get Well” packages for friends that are sick.

Gianelli Vineyards – Well designed website that uses custom HTML templates. Website sells bottled wine.

March 2019