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Sell-and-Ship Shopping Cart Package

Catalog number: SING-SHIP

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This version of the shopping cart supports all features needed to sell tangible products that require complex shipping, handling and sales tax parameters. This version includes Orders Management and Shipping Management tools.

This shopping cart package supports:
- Multiple categories
- 5 levels of subcategories
- Unlimited number of products in the database
- Simultaneous placing of the same item into multiple categories
- Any number of images per each item in the database
- Catalog searching functionality
- Catalog sorting functionality

Administrative interface of the shopping cart (navy blue color skin)

Additionally, following variables can be set for each item:
- Custom inventory number
- Price (regular, old and promotional) in any of the currencies supported by the PayPal
- Discount pricing - Quantity (PPCal Shopping cart allows inventory managements for the items with the limited quantity and out-of-stock feature)
- Weight value (can be set in either kg or lb)
- Item tags: New arrival, Best seller, Store special
- Gift certificates

This shopping cart package supports multiple HTML templates. HTML templates can be used to easily customize look of the web catalog to match the look of the rest of the site. HTML templates of any complexity are supported

In addition to the standard web catalog, that is dynamically generated from the database, custom order pages can be created using included "HTML catalog generator" tool. This feature allows easy automated creation of the complicated order pages, such as "computer system builders", where multiple products and options are presented on one order page

Orders Manager Tool allows automated paypal payment processing via PayPal Instant Payment Notification protocol. Work-flow of order processing:
1. Customer places his order using this shopping cart.
2. Shopping cart sends the order to the PayPal website and PayPal website process it.
3. PayPal website communicates with the your shopping cart and notifies it that transaction was completed. After that your shopping cart saves all the details of the processed order into the database and updates inventory of the purchased items.
4. Your shopping cart sends out customized e-mail both to the customer and you, notifying about the processed order.
5. You (shopping cart owner) can contact the customer via e-mail directly using available e-mail functionality. You can also post multiple order updates and upload files that will become available for customer to download.
6. You can access, search and sort the database of orders at any time through the administrative area of the shopping cart.

Shipping Management Tool enables full control over shipping, handling and sales tax fees.
1. You can use UPS and/or USPS shipping rate functionality to automatically calculate exact UPS and USPS shipping rates provided by these shipping vendors for each of the available delivery service (such as USPS Priority or USPS Express).
2. You can also set up any number of custom shipping rates that fit your needs. For each custom shipping mode you can create shipping rates table that can be based on either weight of items, number of items or subtotal cost.
3. You can also customize handling fees and similarly to custom shipping rates these can be based on either weight of items, number of items or subtotal cost.
4. You can set up any number of sales tax zones and for every zone you can define different sales tax rate.
5. Upon completion of the order you will be able to see what shipping service out of the enable services was selected by your customer.

Single User License version can be operated on one website at a time.

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