Basic features:

1. PayPal payment gateway
2. Supported PayPal Instant Payment Notification
3. Order status update funtionality
4. Integrated calculation of USPS and UPS shipping rates
5. Custom shipping and handlig rates
6. Inventory management and out-of-stock notification
7. Search engines friendly catalog (HTML-based catalog)
8. Multiple users access levels
9. Multiple currencies
10. Secure digital files delivery

Database features:

1. Unlimited number of top-level categories
2. 5 levels of subcategories
3. Unlimited number of products in the database
4. Unlimited number of images per each item in the database (automated image resizing and thumbnailing with the IMAGEMAGICK module)
5. Unlimited number of digital goods of any file extension per each item in the database

Database variables. Following variables can be set for each item:

1. Price (in any of the currencies supported by PayPal)
2. Discount pricing
3. Quantity (shopping cart allows inventory managements for the items with the limited quantity and out-of-stock feature)
4. Weight (can be set in either kg or lb )

Custom price formula:

Our shopping cart allows custom total price calculation. By default, total cost of the items in the cart is calculated as the sum of subtotal costs. However, advanced, custom total price formula can be created to meet specific needs.

Example of the custom formula:
Price = [(Variable#1 * Variable#2)*0.75]-1/2 Variable#3

Available plugins:

1. Order Forms and Order HTML Pages Generator: In addition to the standard web catalog that is dynamically generated from the database, custom order pages can be created using included “HTML order pages generator” plugin. This feature allows easy automated creation of complicated order pages, such as “computer system builders”, where multiple products and options are presented on one order page.

2. HTML Catalog Generator Plugin

3. IPN – Instant Payment Notification Plugin: IPN allows automated paypal payment processing via PayPal Instant payment notificator protocol

4. Digital Goods Download Plugin: Plugin allows to limit number of downloads to as little as one. Upon completion of the download, file will be deleted from the server and will be no longer available for the download by the non-authorized users. With this plugin, administrator can also deny public access to the file, limit max. download bandwidth and limit access to the file to the specific IP address. In addition, new plugin allows easy management of all the above mentioned features via the web interface of the shopping cart. Each copy of the digital good is associated with the specific purchase. This allows easy management and tracking of the downloads.

5. Tax, Shipping and Insurance Calculation Plugin: Shipping and handling plugin allows you to obtain accurate USPS and UPS shipping rates based on the destination zip/postal code or country. It also allows you to set customized shipping and handling rates based on 3 different parameters: subtotal cost, number, or weight of items in the cart. Chargers can be either set as the flat rate or the percentage of the subtotal cost. Discount shipping and insurance chargers can be set

Interface flexibility:

This shopping cart supports multiple HTML templates. HTML templates can be used to easily customize look of the web catalog to match the look of the rest of the site.


This shopping cart can be set up to work only with one Paypal account, ensuring correct order processing. Shopping cart can be set up to process request incoming only from one order form. This eliminates the possibility of financial fraud and hacking attacks. Shopping cart administrative area is password protected.

Simplicity and reliability:

Our shopping cart is a smoothly working PERL software. Simple CGI option is all our shopping cart needs for running. Shopping cart hosting is available upon request. Lifetime support and upgrade for all customers.

January 2019